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Group of Guys
a Band of Brothers actor review site
actor updates and ron caps! 
19th-Jul-2009 11:44 am
I've split the guys into 4 groups by alpha order and the first group (Aaron-Godden) has updated actor pages and work on Lew-lew's page - the other 3 groups will go up in their turn in the coming weeks.

I've also added new Ron Livingston caps to the Low Life batch that Zach donated a while back:

Ron Livingston in The Low Life - 161 new caps

I got to see Donnie Wahlberg on stage with NKOTB this past Wednesday - he's a great performer (and so sexy!) and I'm probably going to rent some (a bunch, lol) of his stuff soon so you can expect Donnie caps in another month or so ^_^
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