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Group of Guys
a Band of Brothers actor review site
Movie Review submissions 
31st-Jul-2006 11:55 am
If you would like to submit a review for Group of Guys, please read these guidelines:

* We accept reviews for any actor who was in the Band of Brothers miniseries. No role is too large (Winters) or too small (Miller). We are using the cast list from the Internet Movie Database, which we consider the definitive source, so if you are trying to submit a review for someone not on this list, "no dice".

* We accept reviews for any performance which is, or will be, available for rental (tv series/miniseries, tv movies, feature films, certain short films). In the future, we may add a section for theater or other venues, but the object of the site for now is to be a resource for fans who, for example, want to know whether "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" is worth renting just to see Rick Gomez, or whether they should give "Dreamcatchers" a try if they don't like horror films.

*It doesn't matter how big of a part the BoB actor has in the piece you want to review. As long as he's in it, we want to know. In fact, we'd especially appreciate getting reviews for tiny parts (see Rick Warden in "Imagine Me & You") so other fans know how much screen time to expect, and whether the rest of the movie is a waste of time or not.

*We accept multiple reviews for the same performance to collect a variety of opinions, though of course we prefer submissions for unreviewed pieces. If we receive more than one review, very thorough reviews will be listed first, grouped according to the rating given by the reviewer (see next bullet point). If you submitted a review and want to change it for whatever reason, simply submit it as a new review with a note that it updates your previous review.

*Instead of using a star-type rating system, which is highly subjective, reviews should sum up with one of three options: "rent this" (thumbs up), "rent this if..." (maybe), "don't bother" (thumbs down). an example of "rent this if..." would be Cathy's review of "Purgatory" with Donnie Wahlberg - She was glad to see his performance but the rest of the movie was boring, so she would only recommend renting it IF you're an avid fan of Donnie's.

TO SUBMIT A REVIEW, include the following information (incomplete reviews may not be accepted):

your name or "handle",
the name of the movie,
the year it was released,
the MPAA rating,
the running time,
the genre,
the BoB actor(s) in the movie and name of character(s),
the type of role(s) (starring, supporting, guest appearance, or extra),
any other starring/supporting actors of interest,
a brief synopsis of the movie with absolutely no spoilers, and
your review ("rent this", "rent this if..." or "don't bother").
optional information you can include -
* comments on any special features included on the dvd (we'd specifically like to know if the BoB actor is included in any featurettes or commentary),
* if you have any interest in providing screen caps along with your review, we would happily accept these and credit your hard work.

TELEVISION, same as for MOVIE, with the following alterations -
rating is optional
season number(s) should be included - you can submit reviews for seasons independently (for example, we will accept a review for season one and you are under no commitment to also review season two) and if a BoB actor is not in every season of a series we will only accept reviews for the seasons in which he appears (for example, Ron Livingston in "Sex and the City")
episode numbers should also be included if the actor is not in every episode for that season

On or near the first of each month we will post a screened request for movie reviews.
Click here for the current post.

Questions may be asked at this thread.
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